Yahoo home page not updating

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Creating a Fluid App out of your favorite website is simple.

Enter the website's URL, provide a name, and optionally choose an icon.

I have had the same problem recently with Facebook. As soon as FB Lite loads instead of your regular homepage, click on the Settings icon, (lever symbol), go to Default site - you will find that Lite is chosen by default; Choose the normal FB page and your problem is solved.

Anyway, I found that deleting IE8 solved the problem straight away, to do this go to: 1.) start 2.) control panel 3.) uninstall a programme (which is on the left hand pane at the bottom) 4.) view installed programmes (which is on the left hand pane at the top) 5.) uninstall a programme (which is on the left hand pane at the top) 6.) find Interner Explorer 8 and click on it 7.) click uninstall (which is in a toolbar about a 6th of the way down the page) 8.) wait for the programme to uninstall, and then, if it doesn't automatically, restart your compurer/laptop Hope this helped :) I had a problem like it and had to keep using the "s".

Check whatever you have to block ads with and make sure *cdn.* is not listed.

I think it may be a virus, because all of the icons on my desktop all suddenly have blue backgrounds for no reason... SOLUTION: 1) If you have Firefox, Go on 2) Download the Latest Browser, making sure you close all programs down first. I cannot contact them because I cannot get on the site, and this has been happening for weeks.

Next time you load facebook up, it should ask you to sign in (not automatically) and then the home page should load up. Ok Yes, Putting https:// instead of infront of the Address will work, But this will become annoying after a while as you will need to do that on every page you change too.

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Running each of these web apps in a separate tab in your browser can be a real pain.

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