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Time to pick back up on getting rid of that gear for anything meaningful.

Would be a really nice place to mirror ubuntu archives I think.

Like the Oracle Clusterware install you will be performing in this section, the Oracle Database software only needs to be run from one node.If you want to examine exif information for an image then exiftool by Phil Harvey is excellent at doing this from the commandline. Use: sw_vers In my case: Product Name: Mac OS X Product Version: 10.6.4 Build Version: 10F569 Update: This still works in os x yosemite: Product Name: Mac OS X Product Version: 10.10.2 Build Version: 14C1514 Windows default behaviour is to write to the disk signature of basic disks when they are attached/detected by windows.This can cause merry hell with iscsi volumes, especially those with existing setups.So, what exactly is the Oracle Clusterware responsible for?It contains all of the cluster and database configuration metadata along with several system management features for RAC.

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One is a failure to correctly run ‘update-rc.d -f open-iscsi remove’, LP #306678, the other is that the init script doesn’t work so hot in 2.0.865-1ubuntu4, LP #181188 (init script), LP #306693 (upgrade).