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Who is teddy dating on 90210

But judging from the first two episodes I hated this OC-ized version of a 90ties classic so much that for once I did feel the urge.

What can I say, in my opinion this show seriously sucks (or bites, or blows, if you've seen the first 20 seconds).

(There is a persistent rumor that Spelling wanted to license a U. version of the franchise but was turned down by that show's producers).

The show's casting includes some of the most dramatic examples of Dawson Casting in recent memory, to the point where many sites often refer to the trope as "90210 Syndrome".

And you probably can't even blame the actors for that, since the characters they are playing are straight off the teen-drama-shelf clichés.Teddy is a famous tennis player, the son of a famous movie star and is Adrianna's ex-boyfriend.At some point after Teddy joining the show Adrianna even broke up with him, at that moment, current boyfriend to get back together with Teddy again.They quickly encounter queen bee Naomi, rebel Silver, troubled Adrianna and others as the drama unfolds in 90210.I very rarely have the urge to go to the web and state my opinion about a show, whether I like or dislike it.

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