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Darrin learns that honesty is not exactly the best policy when he jeopardizes an important account.It seems as though he may have lost the account, but the client likes the honesty between Darrin and Larry and gives them a break.Watch Now Darrin needs help on an advertising campaign and Samantha offers her help using her own mind.Darrin thinks that she used witchcraft for the ideas she gave him and decides not to use her ideas.Samantha tries to keep an eye on George, but he wanders off into the park where he is caught by a policeman. As soon as Sam and Darrin bring George home, Esmerelda remembers the spell and sends George back, without his shoes!

Watch Now Tabitha has to take a test to prove her intelligence and is very nervous.Endora helps her out by puuting a spell on her, making her a super genius!Miss Peabody, the teacher from episode 246, is amazed about Tabitha's knowledge and tells the principal about it.Watch Now "I know that Tabitha is ready for school, but is school ready for Tabitha? Tabitha attends school for the first time, and has a pretty hard time because a boy is messing with her.When he refuses to give up, Tabitha turns him into a frog.

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The teacher Miss Peabody gets on her about the frog and tells her to put it back in the class terrarium.