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Share dating

Sarah, 28, Rittenhouse: I recently finished “App-free August” in an attempt to focus on meeting people in everyday life.

It’s just as difficult as you’d imagine, as every else is on their phones!

If a stranger strikes up a conversation with you, more times than not you’re creeped out. I did go out with a guy I had met at the gym, but even that, it can be awkward striking up conversations with people when you’re sweaty and out of breath.

Meeting dates through friends is definitely the easiest and safest, but it’s only so often you’re meeting friends of friends you’ve never met before.

There were times I could meet 3-4 different guys for dates in and be loving life.

And then, there have also been times when, after rushing out of a second date I really shouldn’t have gone on in the first place, I’ve spilled out onto 13th Street, called my dad laughing/yelling/crying, and questioned, why am I even doing this?!

I think Independence Beer Garden, Morgans Pier, or Tria make for great first date spots!

Sarah: It can go either way as far as who suggests meeting up, but somehow I always end up choosing where we go. However, according to my friends I need to step up and choose “nicer” places because I set myself up for failure.

Leah, 25, Washington Square West: I’d like to meet more people in person, but for now, I am mostly meeting people through apps. From my experience, I’ve had better quality matches, conversations, and dates on Bumble.I think meeting for coffee or drinks is a safe first date.A good place to have conversation, but easy enough to cut short if it’s not going well.I have had some fun dates from Tinder, but that is really all it is: someone interested in one date (and usually more, at least for that one night) and then never hearing from them again.Melissa: The guy usually suggests going out, I usually vote for drinks for the first date. You can never go wrong with their spicy margaritas. Sometimes I do if I’m excited and sense shyness on the other side (or if I get impatient lol), but generally the guy does.

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