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Fransen, 31, then appeared before magistrates to face two counts in connection with comments made at a demonstration this summer.She is accused of behaviour intending or likely to stir up hatred or fear by using words which were 'threatening, abusive or insulting'.Logy, 29, told Belfast Live: 'The Belfast Beard Company were having their third Birthday party celebrations.'He was performing a short gig as a favour to them but he said he was 'knackered' from working long hours and was not as thorough in preparing for the show as he would usually be.'What happened was just at the top of my beard, a bit of fuel was still in it from a gig I had done earlier, and just caught fire.So it wasn't actually my face that caught fire it was my beard.'I knew straight away what had happened and unfortunately all the little safety checks and things you usually do - I just didn't that night.'But Logy grabbed his jacket and threw it over his head to extinguish the fire before he was taken to hospital by ambulance but he only sustained superficial burns to his hands and face.Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer can cause problems.We are working on a new chat room that will work on all computers.

The detective claimed that a 'Free Speech for Jayda' rally was planned to take place in Belfast last weekend - only being postponed due to snow.

He said it was his first accident in 10 years since starting his dangerous profession.

The leader of Britain First and his deputy were both arrested today after arriving in Belfast for a court hearing over alleged 'abusive' speeches.

But he told the Belfast Telegraph that the incident will not put him off performing the daring act.

Logy has performed internationally and has toured throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

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Seconds later, retweeted a video showing what she claims to be a Muslim man destroying a statue of the Virgin Mary.