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Senior citizen sex hookup

Watching the episode, it didn’t make a ton of sense.Katie explained what went down before that fateful text conversation.It’s Scheana’s world and we are all just living in it – or at least that’s how she acts.Katie explained, “The implication of her response is that I’m incapable of having friends or I’m a bitch or I don’t get along with people.”When Katie texted Scheana for an explanation, the conflict just blew up.Katie said, “From there it was just a lot of deflecting and a lot of defense.I feel like with Scheana she likes to blame things on me.”She theorized, “I tried so hard and it always felt like it was never enough unless I was only her friend or closer to her than Stassi [Schroeder] and Kristen.Katie explained, “She would say ‘I felt like I had to say that because I was like trying.’ She’ll be like ‘I was trying to fool myself.I was lying to myself.’ This is just sort of a behavioral pattern from Scheana where…” and Kristen finished Katie’s sentence saying, “She is unable to own her shit.”Katie said that Scheana “rewrites the narrative in her head. ” Well, it’s all on tape and all of us super fans remember what really happened.

If you’re fucking with my best friend, it’s like you’re fucking with my family.”Kristen shared, “The second Katie looked at Lala and had that genuine moment and Lala did the same, it was like this huge f-cking weight was lifted. That’s how Scheana lives her life, going with the argument that has the most support via social media.”After dissecting the text message showdown, Kristen and Katie discussed Scheana’s relationships with Robert Valletta and Mike Shay.

That’s how we felt sitting at the reunion with her. RELATED: Kristen Explains Why She Ditched The Paris Trip With Stassi Schroder & Katie Maloney; Shares Thoughts On The Vanderpump Rules Season 6 Trailer TELL US- ARE SANDOVAL’S CONCERNS ABOUT OPENING A RESTAURANT WITH LISA VALID? WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON: SCHEANA’S OR KATIE, KRISTEN, & STASSI’S?

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The same can’t be said for Katie who Scheana uninvited from her party.

Scheana stuck with the Tequila Katie rage text narrative from seasons past when she explained the rift between the two of them.

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Kristen even said, “There have been a handful of times where I stopped and forgot all the f-cked up shit Shay did to her, although she did a lot of f-cked up shit to him and I’m not discounting that, but I was like literally like ‘Poor f-cking Shay.’”It was also beyond awkward when the first episode flashed back to that scene at Katie’s wedding rehearsal when Scheana told Lisa that she had butterflies again when she kisses Shay.

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