Retus tvare online dating

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Retus tvare online dating

Michel Serres je přední francouzský filozof a matematik humanitních věd epochy posthumanistické kultury, Jeho texty jsou řazeny do předpolí současného uvažování a intenzivně a z perspektivy planetárního rozměru sumarizují podoby i podstatu krize a paradoxů života v 21. Serres se proslavil filozofickými "výlety" do oblastí jako jsou termodynamika, teorie komplexity, nebo teorie chaosu ve vědě, technice a praxi, Serres v řadě knih, včetně "Hermes, Genesis, The Troubador of Knowledge, The Parazit, Rozhovory o vědě, kultuře a čas a The Natural Contract/Smlouva s přírodou popsal dějiny fenoménu, který sám nazval "world-objekt/objekt-světa".

CTheory má tu čest zveřejnit anglický překlad dokumentu, který Michel Serres přednesl v Institutu humanitních oborů na Simon Fraser University v Kanadě 4. "Přehodnocení smlouvy s přírodou" vychází ze slavné Serresovy publikace vydané v roce 1990 "The Natural Contract", Arthur a Marilouise Kroker, editoři CTheory

During the British colonial period, the hunters in Bengal did not recognize the rights of tigers, even to the point of extinction.

We are beginning to conceive the possibility of lawsuits that, for example, oppose polluters and this park or forest or that mangrove swamp.

The industrial revolution generalized and propagated thermal techniques which accelerated the rise of the local towards the global, the causes or consequences of which philosophy has not yet studied.

Since I frequently described this rise in previous books, The Natural Contract begins by simply mentioning it.

Despite differences between epochs, traditional Western philosophy attempts to discover a place from which one can simultaneously observe scientific reason and legal reason, the laws of the physical world and the political laws of human collectivities, the rules of Nature and the rules of Contracts.

But we do not know the ins and outs of global mastery of the universe.If we live together in such and such a way, everything occurs as if we had signed the Social Contract.If today we protect certain endangered species, it is because we acknowledge their right to exist, at least virtually.I am ashamed to say that I was taught in my youth about the establishment of universal suffrage while women only got the right to vote in my country in 1944; they even needed their husband's signed permission to open a bank account.This entire history ends at least theoretically, with the famous Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen, decreed during the French Revolution, and at the end of the last war, with a similar but universal Declaration published by UNESCO. My book argues that this Declaration is not yet universal as long as it does not determine that all living beings and all inert objects, in short, all of Nature have in turn become legal subjects. The main objection to my book consists in asking the author: who will sign the Contract since Nature does not have a hand with which to write nor an understanding capable of any such intention.

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In studying the interlinked totality of living beings and inert objects, ecology relies on the combination of both traditional and recent disciplines, mathematics (differential equations), thermodynamics, biochemistry etc. Ecology also refers to the controversial ideological and political doctrine varying from author to author or group to group that aims at the protection of the environment through diverse means.