Maanvi ahuja and durjoy datta dating sites

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The book takes a fresh approach to complex issues like love and infatuation.

It takes you on the journey of a guy who falls in love as fast as he falls out of it.

is a funny yet thought provoking tale about the factors that make and break a modern day relationship.

Does true love win over the cracks and fissures developing in a relationship? Durjoy Datta lets you know the answer in this book. The book tackles many uncomfortable questions and puts them in front of the reader for his or her perspective.

His writings are generally termed as straightforward and lucid and they are perfect for a light-hearted read. is the story of a nerd who falls in and out of love.He is cupid's favorite victim and love becomes even more enigmatic to him after every broken relationship.His insecurities in life cloud his thoughts often, and he sees even a fling as a potential relationship.She has also authored books like Bombay Girl, Lovetorn and Indie Girl. The book takes readers through the problems in the relationship of its protagonists Avantika and Deb. is a take on the issues of fidelity and love through the lives of its protagonists.

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Deb and Avantika are the protagonists in this tale where the thin line between love and lust is deeply explored.