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"For Gediminas and Algirdas, retention of paganism provided a useful diplomatic tool and weapon...

On July 17, 1251 Pope Innocent IV issued a papal bull proclaiming Lithuania a Kingdom and the state was placed under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Rome.As a result, some Lithuanian rulers were baptised into Eastern Orthodoxy either as children (Švitrigaila) or adults.The first one was Vaišelga, son and heir of Mindaugas, who took monastic vows at an Orthodox monastery in Lavrashev The final attempt to Christianize Lithuania was made by Jogaila.Kęstutis confirmed the agreement by performing a pagan ritual Although its sovereign was pagan, the majority of the population was Slavic and Orthodox.To legitimize their rule in these areas, the Lithuanian royalty frequently married into the Orthodox Rurikid aristocracy of Eastern Europe.

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This event ended one of the most complicated and lengthiest processes of Christianization in European history.