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Algren vociferously objected to their intimacy becoming public.

Years after they separated, she was buried wearing his gift of a sliver ring.

De Beauvoir defines women as the “second sex” because women are defined in relation to men.

Aristotle referred that women are “female by virtue of a certain lack of qualities.” De Beauvoir also points out that St.

This disequilibrium, which made my life a kind of endless disputation, is the main reason why I became an intellectual." Sartre and de Beauvoir always read each other's work.

Debate continues about the extent to which they influenced each other in their existentialist works, such as Sartre's Being and Nothingness and de Beauvoir's She Came to Stay and "Phenomenology and Intent".

Thomas referred to the woman as the “imperfect man", the "incidental” being.

De Beauvoir asserted that women are as capable of choice as men, and thus can choose to elevate themselves, moving beyond the 'immanence' to which they were previously resigned and reaching 'transcendence', a position in which one takes responsibility for oneself and the world, where one chooses one's freedom.

In 1950, and in 1954, de Beauvoir won France's most prestigious literary prize for The Mandarins in which Algren is the character Lewis Brogan.

In The Ethics of Ambiguity, de Beauvoir confronts the existentialist dilemma of absolute freedom vs. At the end of World War II, de Beauvoir and Sartre edited Les Temps modernes, a political journal which Sartre founded along with Maurice Merleau-Ponty and others.

De Beauvoir used Les Temps Modernes to promote her own work and explore her ideas on a small scale before fashioning essays and books. The Second Sex, first published in French as Le Deuxième Sexe, turns the existentialist mantra that existence precedes essence into a feminist one: “One is not born but becomes a woman.” With this famous phrase, Beauvoir first articulated what has come to be known as the sex-gender distinction, that is, the distinction between biological sex and the social and historical construction of gender and its attendant stereotypes.

She was also known for her lifelong open relationship with French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre.

and Françoise de Beauvoir (née Brasseur), a wealthy banker's daughter and devout Catholic. The family struggled to maintain their bourgeois status after losing much of their fortune shortly after World War I, and Françoise insisted that the two daughters be sent to a prestigious convent school.

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However, recent studies of de Beauvoir's work focus on influences other than Sartre, including Hegel and Leibniz.