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Kuwait dating

Meeting men in Kuwait is no problem for a Western (or really any other nationality) woman: in the car, at the mall, at a restaurant, in the aisles at Sultan Center, walking, on the internet. There are common dating rules to follow in the West and almost everyone plays by them: You meet someone you like, you fall in love, you meet his friends, you meet his family, you might move in together, you get engaged, you get married and have kids.Kuwait isn'Xt as easy for a Western woman dating Kuwaiti men.In sum, food, arts, religion and certain relationship traditions are all key parts of Kuwaiti culture.Taking note of the points above in this article is a great start to getting to know about Kuwaiti culture and is good preparation for your first date!

Moreover, it’s completely accepted that Kuwaiti men can have up to 4 wives!He is considered the founder of portrait art and many Kuwaiti people talk fondly of him.So if you’re into your arts, Kuwaiti women & men dating could be perfect for you! The majority of Kuwaiti women & men are Muslims (approximately 85%).Kuwaiti breakfast cuisines are often compiled of meat (mainly fried liver or kidneys) and dairy products such as yoghurt or cheese.Main meals usually consist of a combination of meat dishes.

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Kuwaiti people are extremely generous with food when it comes to guests, so if you’re invited for a meal for your date then go on an empty stomach! In fact, Kuwaiti was the first Gulf country to grant scholarships for people studying arts.