I want to be an online camera sex slave

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I want to be an online camera sex slave

A Broward County English teacher was suspended after officials said he had a sexual relationship with a student, records show.

According to an administrative complaint, 53-year-old Dirk Hilyard of Davie is accused of having sex and exchanging sexual text messages with a female student, kissing and holding her hand in public, as well as spending the night with her at a Naples hotel during the 2015-2016 school year. The Hollywood Hills High School teacher was suspended earlier this month.

But 48 Hours decides to do business with another trafficker, Nadia, who says she has a young, blonde girl for sale.

Nadia brings out the girl, "Nicoleta", to meet with Van Sant.

The second note — written in the teen’s handwriting — said: “whatever you want daddy.” Several times during the year, Hilyard was seen entering his classroom, with the lights off. Broward County Public Schools would not comment but said the matter was under investigation.

Hilyard has not been arrested, according to Hollywood Police.

She says that many of the girls on the street look like prostitutes but are actually slaves, ready for purchase and export to Western Europe or the United States. The team asks if the girls have the proper documents to cross the border.

"No problem," says Francesca, who is hungry to close the deal.

In 1995, a teen said Hilyard “grabbed and /or touched her in a way she perceived as being offensive.Hundreds of thousands of young, desperate girls are trafficked each year as sex slaves.Some are lured overseas with the promise of a good job, only to be enslaved once they arrive. To investigate, 48 Hours traveled to Bucharest, Romania, with hidden cameras to find out if it was really possible to purchase a sex slave.Both ultimately shared a room at the Red Roof Inn, the complaint said, adding that the teacher and student “engaged in kissing and holding hands while out in public.” Later that month, officials said, Hilyard was seen picking up the girl in his car after school.According to the complaint, Hilyard asked the teen to “keep the relationship a secret.” In February 2016, the teen skipped class and sat behind Hilyard’s desk, where they were seen passing each other notes.

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On Monday, the Broward County School Board will discuss the matter.

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