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They’ve become so popular that teachers are banning the devices from classrooms, saying they’re too distracting.

For five years we tried to kick him out, but we have now given up and he is not even under surveillance any more.It was 5,500 back in 2009 and the latest figure is 5,600.The Home Office minister Richard Harrington has recently admitted that there are more than 30,000 known (an important qualifier) bogus asylum seekers who cannot be deported because he doesn’t know where to send them.So for once they acted with ruthless rapidity and decisiveness: Cothill was told, in no uncertain terms, that she must get on a plane within four days — the Home Office stipulated a Tuesday morning — and return from whence she came. Myrtle is a white South African widow aged 92 who wished to see out her final days with her daughter in the UK.Ha — tough luck, Myrtle, pull the other one, you devious cow. The Home Office even prepared to send an official along to Heathrow with Cothill — presumably in case she turned nasty or tried to do a runner.

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She was found smuggling a sim card into Hamza’s Belmarsh cell. He claims that his trial was ‘institutionally racist’ because 11 of the jury members were white (i.e., roughly proportionate to the UK population as a whole).

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