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They have killed in the past, and are […] 2017 incest sex story: Emergency Accomodations – Author: Mystic47.

I rolled to my back and pulled my knees up so my feet were on the too short bed. “Hugh”, not Hubert, is actually on my birth certificate. She runs around like a wild animal, staying out all hours of the night, and always with different men!

A sequel to “A Room With A View” Jim O’Rourke glanced up from the stack of papers he’d been feeding into the high-powered copier, just in time to catch sight of the smartly dressed young woman who’d just walked into Reproduction.

An erotic coupling […] Latest erotic coupling stories: Agents of Pleasure – Author: derek33.

This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. Unwanted babies, HIV […] 2017 Bestiality story: Judy’s Summer Adventure – by Pat C. Judy had mixed feelings when her husband announced that they were going to spend a week on a fishing trip on Lake Michigan.

Now that I am almost alone, who knows […] 2017 Lesbian sex story: Chico series – by Shady Lady Julie.As new stories are added, they need to be reviewed, much like profiles and pictures.Some stories will NOT be appropriate for the site, we ask for your help identifying such stories as well as rating and categorizing stories.I was getting warm so I pushed the blanket down until my upper body was bare. Hugh is a long-standing family name due to a great-grandfather being a war hero or something, and I’m lucky enough to have been saddled with the Johnson surname as […] 2017 Incest story: Making Mindy Mine – by Milik_the_Red. 2017 Incest story: Making Mindy Mine Part 1 – by Milik_the_Red […] True story: Meeting James by melanieatplay. My friend and I pulled up at valet parking in the front of the Paris hotel in Las Vegas.2017 incest sex story: Emergency Accomodations – Chapter 1 – Author: […] 2017 adult story: Mistaken Indemnity – by Krosis Of The Collective. It was a warm spring evening and the sun had just begun to set behind the mountains.

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A retired Vietnam Veteran becomes the accidental prisoner of an all-woman survivalist community hidden deep in the Rocky Mountains.