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After expanding for most of the 20th century, the moose population of North America has been in steep decline since the 1990s.

Populations expanded greatly with improved habitat and protection, but for unknown reasons, the moose population is declining rapidly.

John Clayton, in his account of the Virginia Quadrupeds, calls the Elke ...

was in all respects like those of our red-deer or stags, only larger...

The wapiti appeared very similar to the red deer of Europe (which itself was almost extinct in Southern Britain) although it was much larger and was not red.

The moose was a rather strange-looking deer to the colonists, and they often adopted local names for both.

The black moose is (by all that have hitherto writ of it) accounted a very large creature....

The stag, buck, or male of this kind has a palmed horn, not like that of our common or fallow-deer, but the palm is much longer, and more like that of the German elke.

Moose are distinguished by the broad, flat (or palmate) antlers of the males; other members of the family have antlers with a dendritic ("twig-like") configuration.Their diet consists of both terrestrial and aquatic vegetation.The most common moose predators are the gray wolf along with bears and humans.In 1978, a few breeding pairs were reintroduced in western Colorado, and the state's moose population is now more than 1,000.In northeastern North America, the Eastern moose's history is very well documented: moose meat was often a staple in the diet of Native Americans going back centuries, and it is a tribe that occupied present day coastal Rhode Island that gave this deer its distinctive name in American English.

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In North America, the moose range includes almost all of Canada (excluding the arctic and Vancouver Island), most of Alaska, northern New England and upstate New York, the upper Rocky Mountains, northern Minnesota, northern Wisconsin, Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and Isle Royale in Lake Superior.