Enc updating service transas

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Enc updating service transas

When SENC Update Issue extraction is complete, a SENC library named Update02_WF78is created in the current directory.This library contains charts already updated, so you do not need to apply S-57 corrections to update your SENC collection.Rightly so, after all we see our ship all the times on the chart.No more worries of plotting the ship’s position manually and no chances of human error in plotting the positions on paper chart.Update Star includes support for many languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and many more.

They argue that shrinking the width and height of paper chart to a 21 inch screen can bring too many confusions.The use of the SENC Update Issue will save time necessary for installing chart corrections.The downloaded SENC data can be installed by means of "Navi-Planner" (or "Chart Assistant") utility. Run Navi-Planner and select the "Charts" button (select "SENC" option for Chart Assistant). To install chart corrections shipped in SENC Update Issue, click on the "Select Installation Source" button and specify the path to the directory where you have saved the file "Update02_WF78.clb" and press the "Go" button.It is important to note that there is no co-relation between chart number and cell permit.I mean the boundaries or the area covered in paper chart do not necessarily correspond to a particular cell number or ENC.

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The correct approach is comparison with the paper chart. I believe if everyone deal with ECDIS with that approach, it will just be a cake walk. If we know how to do each of this on ECDIS, we know most about ECDIS.

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