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But if you’re a home-owner and have some equity in your property, then its ALWAYS recommended to speak to a mortgage advisor.

Because of the way banks do things, setting lending rates comes down to cost and statistics.

For instance if your debt is costing you £500 a month in interest, and you pay it back in 4 years instead of 5, you’ll save 12 months of £500 = £6,000!

Speak to an adviser today about restructuring things for you in the right way that makes your money work as hard as it can.

If your main challenge is making ends meet every month, and it seems like you’re debt wont go away, its probably because your payments are just paying the interest.

It can take decades and longer to repay credit cards from just the minimum payment.

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As well as making budgeting easier by giving you just one outgoing, it could potentially lower monthly payments and save you money over the term.

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