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Or at least that's the message given out in these pictures of hilarious back to school fails from around the world, that teachers definitely would not approve of.One eager British supermarket erected Back To School emblazoned hoarding right over the spirits shelves, while another put its merchandise sign over a stand full of knives.Where do Protestants get the idea that the Bible alone is the highest authority for Christians? Psalm 119, 2 Timothy -17, et al), but none of them say that the Bible alone is the only authority. Paul is saying that his teachings are authoritative, whether he gave them by speaking (oral tradition) or writing (Scripture).If the Bible is the only authority for Christians, then where did Christians get the Bible in the first place? God did not hand Christians a fully compiled Bible out of the sky.offers no way out of these disagreements, except for Christians to split and go their separate ways – hence, myriad denominations.

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But just as important as it is to be willing to approach women you don’t know, it’s important to know when you approached.

Almost every woman out there has a story about being harassed by guys who wanted to “just say hello” and who thought that their desire to introduce themselves overrode her right to be left alone.

One of the keys to social calibration is understanding the cues and context that tell you when a woman is open to being approached and when she isn’t.

Now an obvious caveat: people are people and everyone sets their boundaries where they see fit.

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When that happens (and it happens constantly), how does the Christian church settle disagreements and safeguard the Gospel truth God has revealed in Jesus Christ?