Chef dating

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Date a chef and you will not have much of it (unless you’re a server at his restaurant and you read a lot of Anthony Bourdain’s books).

The agonizingly long hours, the mental stress of dealing with obnoxious patrons/purveyors/staff, and the physical strain of working in a kitchen or restaurant is not conducive to a great sex life.

Just make sure you’re looking over their shoulder next time they’re in the kitchen so you can pick up a trick or two.

So you won’t be leading an austere life when it comes to the things that make you happy (even if that’s just a square of really good chocolate).

But fancy meals, though satisfying, can't keep you warm at night.

You may have tried dating in the past but find that you have difficulty making a real connection with another person.

I dated a restaurateur who got a call in the middle of…well, you get the drift…and he actually apologized and answered the phone.

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Plus, it means the time you spend together will be always be that little bit sweeter too.

You’d be surprised by how much they’ll appreciate it when you cook for them (even if they do give you a few suggestions for improvements).

For you, cooking is a way of life and you are looking for someone who is as passionate about the culinary arts as you are.

Join the Chef dating community to meet other singles who share your zeal for creating really good food and have fun sharing photos, recipes and stories of your culinary exploits.

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