Carbon dating used evolution

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Carbon dating used evolution

For example, pieces of wood that date at about 6200 BC by tree-ring counts date at only 5400 BC by regular C-14 dating and 3900 BC by Cook's creationist revision of C-14 dating (as we see in the article, "Dating, Relative and Absolute," in the , not too old.Question: But don't trees sometimes produce more than one growth ring per year? Answer: If anything, the tree-ring sequence suffers far more from missing rings than from double rings.Kieth and Anderson show considerable evidence that the mussels acquired much of their carbon from the limestone of the waters they lived in and from some very old humus as well.Carbon from these sources is very low in C-14 because these sources are so old and have not been mixed with fresh carbon from the air.Coal, oil, and natural gas are supposed to be millions of years old; yet creationists say that some of them contain measurable amounts of C-14, enough to give them C-14 ages in the tens of thousands of years. Younger objects can easily be dated, because they still emit plenty of beta radiation, enough to be measured after the background radiation has been subtracted out of the total beta radiation. However, you now know why this fact doesn't at all invalidate radiocarbon dates of objects younger than twenty thousand years and is certainly no evidence for the notion that coals and oils might be no older than fifty thousand years.However, in either case, the background beta radiation has to be compensated for, and, in the older objects, the amount of C-14 they have left is less than the margin of error in measuring background radiation. Question: Creationists such as Cook (1966) claim that cosmic radiation is now forming C-14 in the atmosphere about one and one-third times faster than it is decaying.Molten rock and volcanic ash emerge at such high temperatures that all the argon gas in driven out.Thus any argon-40 found in volcanic rocks is the result of radioactive decay.

If we extrapolate as far back as ten thousand years ago, we find the atmosphere would not have had any C-14 in it at all.Materials such as rocks and carbon often contain small traces of radioactive isotopes.By comparing the relative amount of the isotope with that found in nature an estimate of the materials age can be obtained. 2] '''Potassium Argon (K–Ar) Dating''' Potassium-40 is a radioactive isotope that will spontaneously decay into argon-40, another radioactive isotope.Thus, a freshly killed mussel has far less C-14 than a freshly killed something else, which is why the C-14 dating method makes freshwater mussels seem older than they really are.When dating wood there is no such problem because wood gets its carbon straight from the air, complete with a full dose of C-14.

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=Radiometric Dating= Radiometric dating techniques take advantage of the fact that radioactive isotopes decay at a very specific rate.

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