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The hawk is circling over the misty river bottom now, looking for some unfortunate field mouse foraging in last falls leaf litter. This hobby had become a walking meditation of sorts. The Mother is sitting on her knees facing the viewer and holding up infant.The baby's head is over her left shoulder and they are face-to-face.Shortly after, Paleo Indian finds them in clusters in the clear water, possibly diving for them.Another 11,000 years and 2 centuries of farming have silted over any chance of finding such perfectly matched riverstones again.The lazy brown Spoon River in Illinois has seen humans come and go for over 13,000 years.Stone-Age man drank, bathed, fished and canoed in its once pristine waters.

To the lower far right lies a stretch of bottomland ending at the river.In some fields by the lazy river are ancient campsite mounds laying a few feet above flood plane.Its around these Indian mounds we find Indian artifacts - arrowheads, tools and flint chips.Long before recorded history, Paleo Indians inhabited the upper Spoon River valley in Illinois.These stone age people left behind stone axes, adzes, and dart tips or "arrowheads".

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