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To make this easier, there is a tool called Wiki Blame that allows you to search through old versions for a particular piece of text.Using Wiki Blame and clues from the Buzz Feed article, I was able to find the exact piece of vandalism in all twelve cases.

That means we’ll have to guess a bit at the stats for numbers three, eight and ten in the list, but we can take a stab at it: * Estimated viewers using December 2007 figures for that article.Nine of the twelve were removed the same day, and two (numbers two and three in the list) were removed by automated robots the very same minute they were entered! The last three in the list stayed online for more than one calendar day, the last one (So Live Crew) for several months.But the cow tipping dates from the prehistoric era of Wikipedia – just a year after it was founded.Here’s a listing showing each article, when it was vandalized, when that was removed and the net time the vandalism was visible: As you can see the Gin and Juice article was identically vandalized twice, I’ve broken that out in the table.The median amount of time these twelve pieces of vandalism lasted before being removed was 16 minutes.

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Some articles are constantly being edited, and if a piece of vandalism is removed immediately, how much damage can it do?

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